Monday’s Poll: Lil Wayne “seizure scare” real or fake?

lil wayne photo Wayne-20120831_zps97b9cc32.jpg

This week Lil Wayne drops his tenth studio album and there is no doubt it will do well. This has been a crazy month for Weezy, he was released from the hospital early last week for his “seizure scare” the week before. Now I don’t want to sound like a skeptic but I am one so I will not hide my thoughts on the “seizure scare”.

Before the“seizure scare” Lil Wayne had a few missteps that had people upset. The ‘”beat the pussy up like Emmett Till” line really got people pissed off. His outburst at various people here and there was getting out of control as well. As much as the guy is on the radio and Viacom channels that play “RAP” there are just as many people who hate him as there are of those who love. You go on youtube or Facebook and see the posts where Weezy is the butt of the joke. So what can make people side with you after all this negative shit? A near death moment. Of course it couldn’t be something like someone ran up on Weezy throwing shots, too many people really hate the guy so no sympathy with that angle. So the “seizure scare” is a good look. It did get people talking and Twitter was all about Weezy getting well and pulling through. In the Hip Hop world near death experiences and death in general closes the door on all hate. As much as those in West Coast weren’t into Biggie as the fued with Pac became crazier once both men were dead all the hate died. After Eazy – E passed away Dre and Ice Cube stopped talking bad about him and really focused on what N.W.A did for Hip Hop and the West Coast and now can’t stop giving Eazy the credit he deserves. Death changes everything. Then there is the whole sales do better after tragedy angle. 50 Cent has the beef before a release game on lock and the throwing jabs in songs is old news. But almost dying is new shit. After the reports that Lil Wayne was in the hospital the hate for him died down.

Of course I’m just looking at the coincidence of events that took place in three weeks. Seizure, out of the hospital talking about what happened, Album drops, now promoting the album with the seizure being thrown in interviews for good measure. I personally don’t care, just like I don’t care if sippin on sizzurp is the reason he had the seizure. I do however think that if he had something it was before the media even knew. Lil Wayne was off the radar long before the news pushed the story. SO I think whatever happened was dealt with and then his people (Lil Wayne) just played about knowing the album release was a few weeks away. Agree, disagree you tell me.

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