Embarrassing Americans: Did we forget how pregnant people loo

star cover photo starcover_zps020e9434.jpg

It seems like the people in the world of gossip tabloids have no idea about the pregnancy process. All the cover stories deal with the weight gain of Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy. If you look at the cover of the Star magazine you see how that magazine wants to really put the point of weight gain through to the reader or average person standing in line at any store that carries the magazine. The before picture is totally photoshopped. Look at her body closely and you see the biggest thing on her in her 120lbs Kim is her head. Her boobs and ass have been slimmed down, and that is to enhance the perspective that she is getting bigger. If the pictures of her aren’t enough the quotes from Kim Kardashian herself makes things worst. It’s one thing when these gossip tabloids point out the out of shape celebs at the beach., but when they are really pounding the weight gain in your face there is a problem. Looking at just the cover Kim Kardashian weight gain is the most important thing going on right now. A person who became a celebrity because of a sextape with Ray J. years ago is bigger news than the actual talent in the magazine.

Let me get back to how the world of logic got lost on Kim Kardashian. Did we as a country forget that when a female is pregnant know that there is a living life inside the female so when she is gaining weight and eating more she is also feeding the baby inside her? Well I know conservative right wing anti abortion nuts didn’t but I’m sure they’re not giving shit about Kim Kardashian, they’re getting their protest signs together for the same sex marriage debate. The strange yet cool thing is there are some people who have taken to defending Kim from all the tabloid talks. Of course it doesn’t help when there are quotes from Kim herself about her weight issues and there aren’t motherly at all. This is nothing more than a case of not having Teen Mom news and what real celebs are hot right now just aren’t worthy of the coverage. I mean on the same cover there is The Hunger Games chick at a strip club smoking as if that’s strange for a young woman. So it seems until Kim has this kid this will be the news we will hear about for months even after the kid is born. I hate media.


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