Déjà vu in the Late Night Talk Show world

Jimmy Fallon photo Fallon2_zpsb32857b5.png

There are rumors everywhere about who will move where once Jay Leno leaves as the host of The Tonight Show. One thing I have yet to see is anyone stating that we’ve been here before. Remember 2010 when Conan O’Brien took over The Tonight Show for that brief moment. Well Jay Leno got the itch and then found a way to jerk to Conan out of his earned job. Fast forward and now Jimmy Fallon is the guy to sit on the throne Jay Leno stepped away from three years ago.

Jay Leno could make another comeback and the third time may not be the charm. Leno isn’t the first to leave and want to get back in the game and be at the top of the mountain, Jordan, Ali, Magic, Sugar Ray Leonard and Jay – Z have done it. The difference is When Leno came back he completely screwed Conan out of a job and a chance to prove himself in the big game. The Tonight Show is the grand daddy of Late Night Talk shows. Letterman wanted the spot lost out and is now over at CBS. Fallon should keep the history lesson in mind, not that Leno couldn’t stay away the first time but that when people go up against Leno NBC rides with Leno and the other guy is somewhere else battling for second place. If Fallon was smart he would work something in his contract that Leno can’t get bored and want to come back again, don’t even allow another piece of shit pre news and Tonight Show talk show. When 2014 comes Leno leaves for good.


2 thoughts on “Déjà vu in the Late Night Talk Show world

  1. You are wrong!!! Leno has held the #1 spot for years. He simply deserves to leave on his own terms. Not the terms of some come along who thinks they deserve the job by pushing and pushing while signing a new contract. Obrien was a waste and still is. Fallon is no better. His monologues stink.

    • You’re right, Leno was and may still be the face of late night television. If that’s the case the case he should fight for hus spot, Johnny Carson owned that spot for decades and had a few bad years as times changed. NBC wants him out, I think they never really wanted him back it was just the slip in ratings and the fact Conan O’Brien didn’t know to format his show for that time slot. NBC wants younger people viewer nad Leno has the older crowd on lock.

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