How did The Lakers make the playoffs?

LA LAkers photo Los_Angeles_Lakers_zps2e917641.gif

I know the answer to the question of course, they had the record to make it in the playoffs. What I mean is how did such a messed up team even get in the playoffs. The Lakers started out bad this year and to be fair never really got their footing right at all. One excuse was the team wasn’t all there, Nash was out the start of the season, Howard was has been so so the whole season. Two coaches with the city and even NBA fans wanting a third in Phil Jackson. It’s no secret that team chemistry has been bad from the start of the year. No one expected that Howard and Kobe not to get along but that is how it turned out. Howard was “test driving” life as a Laker. Sports writers and fans who wanted to be know it alls all think Howard was going to do one and split anyway.
The fact the odd man out was Pau Gasol made news. Gasol has been the scapegoat for all the Lakers problems for years and he has spent time on the bench this year as if he was he really was the problem.

The major winner here of course is the NBA. The Lakers have been major news just as much as The Miami Heats has this year. Not having the Lakers make the playoffs would be a major story but of course a bigger story would be them making the playoffs, not just making it in but making it to the 7th seed. The Lakers are like the Celtics, the last real pride and joy of The NBA, the difference is The Lakers have Kobe, the mid way between Jordan and LeBron. The Lakers are supposed to be a threat every they make the playoffs. They are the team out West no matter who has the number one spot or who is really the better team. The Thunder and Spurs were battling for the number one spot, well The Thunder was, and The Clippers are way better than The Lakers yet The Lakers are the still the news in the Western conference.

The issue for me isn’t they made the playioffs but if they beat the Spurs and make it good showing in the 2nd round. I know a team like The Celtics have done it before and so have The Spurs but those teams relied on team work, The Lakers are a Kobe first team second kind of team. Another problem is The NBA isn’t ready to move on, Kobe had planned on retiring after next year and the NBA needs to have someone to keep the Laker mystic alive. I don’t think the league will allow the team to fall like The Bulls or Pacers. The Lakers have always had someone great leaving with someone stepping up to keep things going. As of now when Kobe leaves there will be no one around to keep the team alive. This year was the start of the end for the team and Kobe has willed the team to make the playoffs. The NBA will have to get used to the playoffs without The Los Angeles Lakers. This year could have been the start of that, but whatever, they’re in and hopefully when they get beat all will be set right again.


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