What the NBA should do

Paul Pierce photo paul-pierce-main_zps3790edc9.jpg

I know the last week was all about the first active player in a professional team sport coming out. Well the fact the average Joe has no idea who Jason Collins is makes it not that big of a deal as far as his NBA career is concerned in my mind. Who I am concerned about is Paul Pierce. The rumors are that The Celtics as we know will be no more, no Garnett and or Paul Pierce. I really don’t care where Garnett goes but Pierce needs to stay a Celtic. It is becoming harder and harder to see players finish their careers where they started, just look at the Knicks, they have a bunch of journeymen. The NBA should step in and make sure Pierce retires a Celtic. The same can be said for Kobe as well, not a fan at all but I think those two as well as Parker, Duncan and Ginóbili should retire with the teams they started out with. They’ve all became the face of their teams and in a league that has watched teams just become baby all star teams, to know that five future hall of famers stayed with one team in today’s NBA means something. Of course those players also have something to do with it as well, but I know Kobe and Pierce wouldn’t leave Boston and LA.

At this point the fact that a veteran team like Boston and San Antonio were top teams most of the year says something, Rondo being out messed the Celtics up. Hell by all rights The Heat and Knicks are veteran teams as well. From where I sit that is what has made the Playoffs for me this year, The Celtics scaring The Knicks and The Spurs just out playing The Lakers. I’m sure next year the playoffs will not look like this, but I also hope that Pierce is a Celtic too. I understand loyalty in the world of sports is dependant on what the player can offer a team. Still at this point as much as the NBA wants to showcase the young talent it should also salute the fact five players, six if you count Wade, have stayed with one team their entire career through the ups and downs in todays sports world. Be real isn’t that what made the Ray Lewis story even better, he was an original Raven and retired a Raven… And his team won the Super Bowl.


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