Could Man Of Steel be the best comic book movie of the year?


Superman is like Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Hulk, and that means they’re popular on sight. I mean there hasn’t been a Superman movie in years or even a cartoon and still a Superman shirt as well as boxer will be bought as someone reads this post. I know it seems Iron Man is a major hit right now but those who know the comic book world knows Iron Man was a B List hero, Robert Downey Jr. brought popularity to Tony Stark. Even the last Superman movie did better than Batman Begins because it was a movie about Superman.

The thing is Superman is the template of all that is the Super Heroes. He also by the name alone, Super. He is just as fast as if not faster than any speedster in the comic book world, some comics let it be known he can move planets. Superman is a goodie two shoes and there was the problem. Even in the comics his life was boring. The only good comics were the stand alone stories that truly made Superman less “super”. That less super vibe may be the way Man Of Steel will go from the trailers. Speaking of trailers, I like how Warner Bros. have handled marketing the movie so far. There was such a fuss about no commercial during the Super Bowl. The teaser where both of Clark’s fathers spoke was cool and then within the last month the airwaves have been flooded with commercials about the movie. Each commercial seems to be more compelling than the last one.

The good thing is Zack Snyder, who directed 300 and Watchmen as was well the straight trash Sucker Punch, is the director. Snyder has a great visual style for comic book movies, which the trailers are heavily leaning on. Of course with the producers and writers from the Dark Knight Trilogy being involved the idea of a “Superman Begins” movie will be something critics will be focusing on. Even if that will be the case is that a bad thing? I mean a grounded Superman where Kal -El is a complex man sounds good in theory and from the trailers and featurettes it looks like it will work on film. Nothing against Richard Donner because his Superman movie is what all Superman movies and comic book movies in general are compared to but even with that being said it had childish moments. A grounded Superman with issues makes for a more relatable character in today’s world. I know I’m not the only one that thinks Man Of Steel will be the sleeper hit of the summer and set a bar for Comic book movies to come until Guardians Of The Galaxy comes out next summer. Hope to see the film before I leave or when I get to Cincinnati.


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