Where does Tim Duncan rank as a player

I really held off on writing this post because I honestly didn’t think The Spurs would make it to the Finals this year. They did and with that Tim Duncan has a chance to win his fifth NBA title. The Spurs are 4 – 0 in the Finals and I’m sure with all the dick riding for The Miami Heat that the NBA seems to be forcing the sports world to do that little nugget of a stat will not come up. The Spurs have been the most consistent team in the NBA for over a decade. With the bad years the Lakers have had as well as Dallas and the total break down of guaranteed playoff teams such as Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons and The Pacers, who gave the Heat a series, it feels good to see the Spurs in the Finals again.

So where does the legacy of Tim Duncan fit in within all of this? The Spurs were one of the best Sports teams of the last decade showing up in the Finals three times and starting off the 2000 season as the Champs. If you’ve been bored enough to actually watch a Spurs game you’d know Tim Duncan is still the man. “The big fundamental” as Shaq called him and the title fits more than ever when you watch Duncan break a defensive player down to get his points. The fact the NBA is focused on small ball and that Duncan and The Spurs are boring also keeps his profile down. Still Duncan and The Spurs have been a main stay in the playoffs and no matter who the hot team at the time is The Spurs are always a threat to make the Finals. It is a shame the whole seems to downplay their greatness and Tim Duncan truly is the prime example of being underrated. People don’t place his name in top twenty talks, yes I said twenty because the history of power forwards wouldn’t even allow you to get to Duncan. Duncan is one the best if not the best power forward in the game of the century thus far.

Duncan will of course not be the story unless he has some monster game in some way whether it will be points or rebounds. Only “if” The Spurs beat The Heat will we hear about where Tim Duncan should be ranked as an all time great. Kobe Bryant is measured by his titles and Duncan has one less and as of now three more than LeBron James, both who have come up in the discussion of best player in the game. Even The Spurs don’t beat The Heat the fact that Duncan at this point in his career has helped get his team to The Finals again is still something to speak on, outside of Kobe, Garnett and Pierce Tim Duncan is still able to lead his team to a title. Not a fan of The Heat and I don’t care who wins the title, I do hope that it won’t be a sweep either way. Tim Duncan is a great player and should be bragged on every chance available, pre game , post game, during the game and on every show that speaks on the NBA Finals.

2 thoughts on “Where does Tim Duncan rank as a player

  1. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players in NBA history and certainly the most enigmatic. Can you think of a bigger “star” who doesn’t seem like one, has no commercials, never gives interviews, nobody rocks his gear and even after all this time you really have no idea what he thinks about anything?

    Maybe he’s just a boring guy who likes being boring and ignored by our celebrity-crazed culture. I always thought of Sade as a star who has nothing to do with the trappings of stardom, but Duncan may be her spiritual twin..

    • Totally agree and if The Spurs happen to win the title it will still be all about LeBron, Not many if any sports shows or magazine will focus on the fact Duncan will be 2 – 0 against Lebron and now has five rings matching Kobe and has a better chance at gettin a sixth one before Kobe

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