The quintessential Miami Heat Fans


So last night before the final score of the game, overtime game which the Miami Heat won by the way, some so called Miami Heat fans figured the game was over and left the building. It’s cool i’m sure a few people at home turned the channel thinking it was a victory for the San Antonio Spurs too. The problem is that this happened during the playoffs, no The NBA Finals. You’ve paid how much ever to watch the game in the arena to then just walk out like you’re done at dinner at a restaurant when it looked like the Heat were going to lose shows a lack of confidence in your team. First of all this was the second close game of the whole series, win or lose it was something to see because all the game except game one up to this point were blow out games. The thing is that walk out moment is a reflection of the average Miami Heat fan anyway. The Heat have gained a new fickle fanbase thanks to the Bosh, James, Wade connection three years ago. There was no growing with the team through their ups and downs, there was and still isn’t any time for low periods in the franchise at this point, it is an instant winning machine or break the Rat Pack up and start over.. The same people hitchhiking with The Heat are the same ones that would have helped talked bad about LeBron and how he cost the team the game, he was ass the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. The Heat really don’t have fans like The Spurs or even The Lakers have, to go to a Heat game now is an event, it isn’t out of a sense of loyalty to the 25 year old franchise that had Steve Smith, baby Jordan, Alonzo,Tim Hardaway and Shaq on their roster at one point and time. If The Heat should lose tomorrow night Bosh will be gone for sure and the number of fans walking out will increase next season. The Miami Heat have become the trophy wife of The NBA with the gimmick of bringing Bosh and James to join Wade, and not racking up championship titles will be cause for Miami to find something else to do other than support their NBA team and The NBA to look elsewhere for a new darling to show off.

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