Heat should thank Stern for second title


It’s no secret the NBA needs LeBron James to win titles, it is what the league bases greatness on, but the league really has helped this title run. First off The Heat are going to have to make changes to have a better team because if it wasn’t for two out of the big three the game 7 would have been a major lose. The playoffs were hard in general for The Heat from the second round to last night. If The Bulls hadn’t tapped into some 80‘s Pistons/90‘s Knicks mindset they could have beat The Heat. The Pacers gave them more than a scare as well as The Spurs taken things to a game 7. All three of those teams are TEAMS and LeBron and company had trouble against them.

It would be easy to talk about no calls but LeBron and Wade willed the win last night. The problem is teams next year will be better all around in the east and there needs to be people besides Battier and Chalmers to fall back on. Bosh has shown he is highly overrated and I don’t think Ray Allen will be useful at all next year if he stays in the league. That means as defending champs the east will be packed with teams looking to not just knock off the king but show a team can beat three guys trying to carry a team. The Bulls showed they were more than a team while waiting for Rose to come back and The Pacers has no one on their roster that you can name right off the bat. The Nets are a threat as well as The Celtics if Danny Ainge handles things right and if the young teams can get a couple of vets who’ve been there and done that they could also be a problem. I’m not counting The Knicks because they having the same problem Denver had when Melo was there. So what will the new commissioner do to keep the spotlight on the NBA? I’m someone who thinks Miami had a helping hand throughout the playoffs, if you don’t you probably thought it was luck of the draw Cleveland got the first pick to pick LeBron. LeBron is the main attraction right now so he has to win. You can look at this series and see more than your share of no calls that favored The Heat on plays throughout the series, I’m not even going to touch on the Bosh foul on Green in game 6. The NBA is doing one thing and that is making teams play better and to beat The Heat, you have to truly play good defense and shoot lights out because if it becomes a close game things get highly questionable . I know even as the commentators try to stay objective they still slide towards the corner of Miami on certain calls. I can’t front Wade and James turned it up and forced a win last night, still the series was really won in game 6 and the only ones that didn’t know that were playing for San Antonio. Congratulations Miami Heat.


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