No love for Lil Miss North West?




How crazy is it Kanye West album dropped around the same time Kim gave birth to their daughter? Oh, hold up wait, had induced labor to give birth to their daughter? I figure they figured they had a small window to capitalize on the birth and naming of North West before real royalty took all their shine away. All this week, today is the 5th of July, the mainstream media has been telling the world that the world is ready for the birth of a Prince. If you weren’t being updated on that you couldn’t avoid the Zimmerman trail. Kim had her baby, named her baby and now she can’t even get TMZ to help put her back on the hot topic table of discussion in mainstream media. To be fair the only ones that even care are those gossip magazines, TMZ and sites like Yahoo that report anything for the sake of reporting. It’s sad that when the child that is North West looks back at her life, pre birth, she will come to see her mom was a groupie who became famous for being a groupie with a big ass and her dad had or may still have have one of the biggest egos on the planet, and then she will see she was a publicity stunt that didn’t turn out right. I remember seeing people on Facebook talking about how Kim and Yeezy weren’t Jay and Beyonce, at first I paid it no mind but now it really is what it is, they were trying to keep up with the Carters. People were happy Jay and Beyonce had a child, way too happy if you ask me, but happy none the less. Outside of TMZ no one really cared about North West, it made the rounds because it had to not because people really gave a damn, I’m sorry she has the screen name of a One Direction number one fan on the most important fan site the group has. There aren’t people busting down the door to buy pictures or some juicy, or not so juicy story from a hospital worker, none of that is happening right now. Kanye is out making sure you buy his album and Kim is making sure her show gets ratings, celeb parenting at its best right here. Hopefully North West will do something on her own to have us pay attention to her since wanting attention is in her blood… Then again never mind I hope not, I hope she fades away in obscurity like Michael Jackson kids did, and have a nice somewhat normal life.. I can dream can’t I?


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