3 Women Held Captive in Cleveland Thanks everyone except…

So I had t make sure i heard shit right this morning as we keep the morning news on while we sleep in the morning. So the three women held captive finally spoke or rather released a video today and handed out thank yous to a lot of people who supported them. That’s fine and all but not one person even the second chicks parents or who the fuck they are to her said thanks to the Big Mac man who was nosy enough to give a damn and saved them. The women were held captive for a decade and no one else took the time to try to do something about them being in a house except Charles Ramsey, yes he is an embarrassment to African Americans or just people in general but he was the person who deserves way more credit than he has gotten. The way people in the news media have been speaking, the women woke up one day decided to escape and hit Castro in the head, knocked him out and ran in the street then Charles Ramsey was on his porch smashing a Big Mac and called the cops. Don’t know how three different women could be captured by two dudes and stay in one house for a decade but i know they would still be there if it wasn’t for one man. I get thanking supporters but still not one woman said Charles Ramsey’s name, not one, they didn’t even say “the man who saved us”. WHAT?  How could no one say shit about him at all.  Again I get that Ramsey is silly ass dude but still he deserves the credit for doing a heroic thing and for whatever reason the women chose not to thank him, ungrateful ass chicks.

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