Black films that won’t make a dent at the theaters

There have always been two types of movies for African Americans, those movies that entertain and those movies that are deep. Now when i say deep I don’t mean the most tear jerking of movies but just deep where there is a method behind it. Do The Right Thing has more than enough humorous scenes and even if it hadn’t been there it was the fact  the movie captured a moment in time that was real and that was where the realness came from. Superfly had it so did Higher Learning and more movies than i could list. Of course there are way more of the just mindless “popcorn” stuff, Tyler Perry has been the main source of those kinds of films as of late. What has seem to make a comeback are the deep African American movies and these three are movies that people should see but won’t for whatever reason.

The first movie is Fruitvale Station. One reason this movie may fail is because it is somewhat similar to the drama surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, and i think The Weinstein Company may be thinking the same thing too which may put the movie in limbo.

The Second Movie is The Butler and despite all the stars in one movie the spirit of the movie is wonderful but the history lesson may fall on deaf ears. History has become something no one wants to deal with and when it has to do with African Americans who aren’t pop relevant no one wants to be bothered with watching a film about moments in time at all. It’s crazy because the film shows our nation in the good and bad light that makes this nation what it is, and not just in the respect of racism but life in general. A Black man with no real education works for over three decades in the White House, yes as a servant but still that just doesn’t happen anymore. Not the blacks being servants part but the fact that with no real education someone, anyone, not just minorities, can work hard, provide for their family, excel at their job and move up the ranks within that job. Those days are long gone.

The third movie is 12 Years A Slave. The story of Solomon Northup and how he was tricked and drugged and sold into slavery. This like The Butler will be too much history and no one wants to see the world of slavery anymore, Blacks and Whites. I’ve been to sites where the reports of the movie were posted and seen all the conversations that started about how the stories of slavery just keep coming. To be honest I love history and I don’t get hype and pissed about it because I understand that was the world back then, now there would be issues if this was recent history.

Movies about Medea make money and anything the Wayans feel like poking fun at in a parody movie will get some money and then there is  the Kevin Hart movie and  he did well with his latest stand up movie. Those movies make money because they’re feel good movies, nothing too deep to take away from them while these three movies are important. There aren’t many movies in one year aimed towards and starring African Americans holding down the main cast and so far I’ve counted six, and these three are based on true stories. If African American movies can build off of this year and make a good showing like these comic book movies that have totally taken over the summer I’d be happy. Of course with such a task like the comic book genre there will be great movies and straight trash, the problem is the straight trash will do better and there for the lane will become cluttered with nonsense. I hope any one of these three movies will do well, I hope they all do well, and Hollywood will open their doors again to African American movies of all kind.

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