Embarrassing Americans: Should I Be Shocked At The Verdict?

Facebook went crazy Sunday and I’m sure all over the internet followed suit. George Zimmerman was found not guilty on both charges some time Saturday night, which by the way was a good way to keep shit from happening over the weekend, slide the verdict on a Saturday when people figured that verdict would come on a Monday. What’s crazy is this moment reminds me of the OJ trail in reverse of course, African Americans are pissed and White people feel justice was served. The difference here is I know for me I never thought OJ was innocent, I’m sure not many African Americans thought that he was. For us back then it was the fact a rich famous African American who was the first and only suspect escaped being a victim of the system. Here we all know Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, the didn’t he or did he do it was not the issue here. This broke down to being about race and the News media ate it up and cooked more for the masses so we could get caught up in the hype and lose sight of the issue.

What is in play here is the fear of Young African American males. That fear outweighed the fact someone’s child was followed and murdered. The Prosecutors argument fell on deaf ears when speaking on how this is about an assumptions and bad judgment because people are used to thinking the same way when they come across young black males. And there lies the biggest problem, the Defense went out of their way to throw all of Trayvon’s dirty laundry out there to make him look like a bad kid. You know he might have been some punk ass kid doing who knows what on the street but that day Trayvon was chilling coming from the store with candy and tea. It’s not like Zimmerman knew him because with the call to the cops being recorded Zimmerman never stated he knew Trayvon or seen him around doing shit before. The bad mouthing the victim turned the tables in the case or just help reinforce the views people have of young black males because now Trayvon was painted as some thug ass black male who would have been in jail or dead anyway. Everything but the main issue was magnified in the trail. “Crazy ass cracker” was pulled out and made as a race issue, not the main part of the sentence and the case in general which was the “is following me” part. This case should have been about how Zimmerman was the one to initiate contact. If Zimmerman had listened to woman and let the real police handle it or followed Martin and done nothing more than take his description down and when or if something had happened Zimmerman could have done his part in that manner.

You hear so many people saying it was his right to follow Trayvon. I take it those people aren’t black and if so don’t how such things like being followed because you’re African American and in the wrong place feels. No matter how black another race of people act they will never fully understand how being followed on the streets or in a store feels. Having the cops pull you over because you’re in an expensive car or your music is “loud” in certain areas, having cops or someone tell you to move because you’re in a group hanging around somewhere, because three or blacks makes it a gang or some shit. Then there is the one I personally love, having the cops tell you that you fit a description and then when you do see that person they’re taller or shorter, fatter or skinner and a few shades of brawn darker or lighter than you are.That is the life of African American males and everything that All Star weekend played out like so many days the average African American male knows too well. The difference is something happened that caused the Trayvon and Zimmerman to tussle and Trayvon to be shot. I think what is crazy is if Zimmerman was nosey as fuck how wasn’t other people in the area, Zimmerman was the only one who saw Trayvon heading home? No one saw what lead up to the tussle at all or was this a case of not giving a fuck because it was a black kid? So now as a black male you can’t walk down any street because who knows if you’ll live to see tomorrow, it used to be worried about having the cops called on you for “looking suspicious” now it is being murdered for “looking suspicious”.

I wasn’t surprised at the verdict, I was more surprised at how many people, African Americans, really thought justice would fall on Trayvon’s side. There are cases like this all over America and if the case was allowed to be about a child first his race second things would have turned out different. Only Hispanics and African Americans have to worry about things like being fucked up by the law. And I know people want to say Zimmerman is half Latino, I personally haven’t seen a lot of Spanish people agree with anything Zimmerman did or his family has been saying and writing. This shouldn’t be some major blow to race relations because it’s about lifestyles, you know when comedians joke on how black people do this and whites do that? This is that, most African American men understood that feeling Trayvon must’ve felt leading up to the altercation while whites don’t and they all so know if they’re child had died like Trayvon the killer would be doing time. Hell, to be fair if Trayvon was white Zimmerman’s Spanish roots would have shown through bright as he would have been forced to move and that contribution jar would have been empty, it would have been Latino vs. whites and as African Americans we may have been shocked at how a white kid was “looking suspicious” but might have rallied behind the death of a child. That is really what this is about, A man murdered a child, got off and now is looking to have protection because he knows like I like know and anyone who knows about this case knows he is a marked man now. To be fair I don’t care what happens out in Florida or to Zimmerman and I stretch my blame of injustice to the defense lawyers because they have yet to show sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin, again he was just another young black male who got what he deserved to many people out here.


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