What Obama didn’t say


Friday July 19th 2013 Obama felt it his duty as The President and a Black man to say something about the major racial divide that has been brewing since the Zimmerman trail and now was in full blown internet ranting, myself included on that one. So i guess stepping in before things went further was what Obama was doing. Obama gave a statement and went on to say that Trayvon could have been him when he was a teen. What was cool was that Obama kept it real as he spoke about how as African Americans we feel there was no justice and explained why. Obama has the life experience to speak on both sides of the divided line and I think he handled it nicely. President Obama put truths out there that you only hear about in stand up and see on Law & Order episodes. Obama did what a President should have done and since he is Black he fully understood where the thought of the people were coming from.

What I felt Obama should have spoke about was the media, by Saturday Morning Obama became part of the on going story that is George Zimmerman murdering Travon Martin. Of course now you have the news shows speaking to any politician for or against what Obama did as well as the regular talking heads that have nothing better to do than get a check saying the same things with different words. All of this boils down to the media from the trail to showing closing arguments to the updates on security in Sanford just incase something happened. The News media was hoping that something would happen, when it didn’t they moved to the next best thing which was flood their network with race baiting shows cloaked in trying to understand how African Americans feel about the verdict and why. We get it, the verdict was fucked up, if a network really wanted to do something to help make things clear the lines of racial discomfort they’d ask Zimmerman what’s up with him. Off topic right now: Zimmerman or his family has yet to even begin to show remorse for what happened to Trayvon Martin, I’m not saying apologize on a show, get the Martin family number and call them directly and say sorry for taking the life of their child, I’done back to my point. The News media was looking for anyone that was willing to speak about the verdict, CNN had Nick Cannon giving his thoughts… Nick Cannon, really? That reminded me of the day Carson Daly was talking to Ja Rule about 9/11. I get it that hot button issues are prime meat for News Networks and there is nothing more hotter than racial stuff. Race issues give News Media a chance to act as if they’re bridging a gap and bringing people together. It happened with Zimmerman, it happened when Obama was first elected, it happened with OJ, Rodney King, Amado Dealo, and let’s not begin to add the immigration issue to the race relation talk. End of the day, nothing changes and nothing will every change until the old ways die with the older people have help planet those thoughts in the youth, a KRS One philosophy. The Networks truly don’t care about solving the race issue they’re looking for exclusive interviews and worthy soundbytes to standout from the other New Networks. Nothing is really being said that will stick out as profound at all. Obama should have really thrown out the fact that media plays a part in what went on for a week. If he had done that then News shows would have had people speaking in defense of what the Networks do and somehow it would have been President Obama attacking the media. For now the media has a new angle on an old story.


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