And the challenge has been issued


Kendrick Lamar has been one of the few real Highlights of the new dudes spitting right now and now he has officially claimed the crown for this era of MCs. By my account the only MC even close to matching him on the pop rap radar is J. Cole and he was called out as well on the record as well as the host of the song which Kendrick went off on, “Control” by Big Sean. So who will step up to the challenge of stepping up your bars? I’ve already heard a few New York MC’s took issue with the “King of New York” comment but so far nothing from Kendrick peers. The problem is rappers will go out of their way to make a diss track or some slick remark on a song and not take to heart that the point is that MCing is about being on top of your game, if Jay – Z didn’t show the world anything he showed Hip Hop how to make club bangers and radio friendly songs and still be sharp with your bars. Will this have an affect on the game? Not really, even unsigned artists are content with the less said is better approach rappers have become accustomed to.


Hearing a new dude say step it up is refreshing because if some older dude said it the verse would have been tossed to the side as just more hate from bitter dudes who had their time. The cool thing is the fact that Kendrick is popular so MTV and pop sites picked up on the song just as fast as core Hip Hop heads did and now the “controversy” is out on pop culture. is this a verse of the year verse, don’t know, hell I don’t know how deep people hunt for great verses because almost any Black Thought and Joe Budden verse is worthy of that title. With that being said I hope the focus on the verse on the song does fade to back as just a way to get attention and the message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I don’t care what the topic is just have bars when you spit.


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