I should be mad because…

Maybe I’m losing my be pissed at everything and call it a racist edge or I really didn’t see the issue with the Dunkin’ Donuts ad. If anything the people who made a fuss about it are the same people who find black face Halloween pictures from colleges all over America post them or send them to Yahoo and expect African Americans to be pissed. I saw the ad when Yahoo’s not necessarily the news news feed brought it up. I saw the ad, I got what it was trying to say and moved on. How that picture turned into some crazy blackface issue is beyond me. If it was kiwi or some red berry or a new lemon donut and the lady’s face was green, red or yellow, would Native Americans or other Asian people be offended? Contrary to what people in the media believe African Americans don’t scream racist or racism at everything, that’s why we have Al Sharpton, he gets upset then we follow his lead.  Apologizing for trying to be somewhat creative is sad because it says we as a nation and or world can’t look pass what is in front of our faces. What is crazy is this wasn’t even an American ad and it became an issue to the point the ad was pulled and Dunkin’ Donuts issued an apology. Personally I would have just let the non issue issue go by because like I said it could have been a fruit flavor and the lady’s face could been pink, yellow or any other color and no one would be calling it a racist ad. In the end out of all the focus on the ad the face got, the flavor is supposed to be charcoal…  A charcoal flavored donut, who knows what charcoal taste like? is it supposed to be a grilled tasting donut? That’s my issue, not the fake blackface thing but the fact the flavor sucks, but that’s just me/


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