Hope Kanye is watching the destruction of Lamar


Thanks to the gossip world I’ve learned so much about Lamar Odom than I ever wanted to know. What is crazy is how somehow he has become the worst man in the world now that Lamar and Khloé Kardashian are done, I guess they’re done, who knows anymore. I do know that the entertainment world and sports world are on two different lines with Lamar Odom. The way gossips shows and magazines speak about him he is just some dude who played in the NBA. I mean he was never Kobe Bryant or even Jason Kidd status but he was the face of The LA Clippers until he went to Miami and then to The Lakers to be Pippen to Kobe’s Jordan. Watching ET and Inside Edition they speak about Lamar as if he was just some NBA player like the dude Kim married, what was his name anyway? To make matters worst the gossip world is so behind on the sports world, they keep showing him in his Laker jersey, He went to Dallas and back to The Clippers in the last two years.

The drug stuff isn’t just tarnishing Lamar Odom’s life but the NBA. The reports are saying he has been getting high on crack for the past two years. So how is it no team doctors picked up on that and or teammates speak up about this. Some how only the Kardashian klan knew of this information. And why crack? He couldn’t be on cocaine or ecstasy, I mean crack is racist as fuck, rich black dude would still some hood drug. So what will the NBA do about all this drug usage talk, distance the league from Odom or play along with the Kardashians and look into the claims and go after a few no names people they’ve caught doing drugs before to look strong on their stand against drug use? Kanye may need to pay attention to how Odom has been made out to be some crackhead of the two years. The story comes off as if she, Khloé Kardashian, who is willing to overlook the cheating but not the drugs. No matter how this plays out this will be a part of Lamar Odom’s life, I can see E! doing a True Hollywood Story spending most of the time on the marriage with Khloé Kardashian and the ups and downs with his addiction since the average person doesn’t know much about him past that. So a decent NBA career will be overshadowed by his brief marriage, if they divorce, claims of being a crackhead. I’m sure Kanye has an exit plan in order in case things go sour and mud starts flying.


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