ABC really has to fix Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


If anything has truly made me rethink how good Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D could be more than The Blacklist it has been the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. All the men in the elevator scene come off as better agents than Agent Grant has shown thus far, I say him because he is the only one who is a real agent. Speaking of Agent Grant and The Blacklist, is it me or does Agent Grant and Agent Ressler seem like the same dude on two different shows?

One issue I have is these Agents look too young, well the two scientist and the pick up rouge spy chick. It’s not the age it’s the vibe they have on the show. This is more of an issue with ABC going all Star Wars episode 1 thru 3, meaning it seems the show is after a younger audience. The goofiness can be overlooked if there was some kind of thick plot was a heavy part of the show. No one is really a badass, I mean Agent May is supposed to be a major threat but I can’t tell yet. If the former Agent Akela is any indication to how badass May can be they need to show that off in the show. There are two themes that should be pushed up and front but the five member adventurous treasure hunt seems to be the better suit with ABC. Would love to see the extremis angle played out more, not because it connects with Iron Man 3 but because it shows that the extremis angle was truly a bigger deal than what Iron Man dealt with. The episodes that did focus on the extremis comes off as the better episodes after the episode that showed the birth of Graviton. The other is the whole Rising Tide angle which seems to be done because now Skye has chose to fully commit to the rag tag crew.The Rising Tide came off as a major thing when show first came out and so far it has been reduced to young hackers who really don’t really seem to be that threatening.


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