The NFL is no place for the weak


It’s crazy how the more this story plays out about Richie Incognito “bullying” former Miami Dolphin player Jonathan Martin the more Jonathan Martin is to blame. Many former and current players are saying how they would have handled things if they were in Martin’s shoes and snitching wouldn’t be the way to go. The NFL is the last stand for male machismo in a world and culture rapidly softening men every year. This story would be unheard of a decade ago and certainly in the 90‘s, 80‘s and 70‘s it wouldn’t even come up. Even LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx got into it during the filming of a football movie and Jamie Foxx is far from a tough dude in most people’s eyes, the rush of the sport does something to people. All the hazing, the phone threat, what the coach did or didn’t know or did about the situation has now been turned into the blame game towards Martin for not standing up to Incognito at some point. As of today it has been reported teammates are blaming Martin for all the havoc that the team as a whole is facing.

There is no doubt there is something complex about this whole story, friendly tweets between Incognito and Martin have now been thrown in the mix as well as pictures of the two kicking it in New Orleans. By all means this does not mean it was all good, one or both could have been going through the motions of being a cool acquaintance to the other guy. So this is just an odd relationship between the two. Something happened between two and Martin felt some kind of way where he felt he had to leave the team. Was it bullying? It was something and it’s report that even Martin’s Agent called the Dolphins General Manager about the issues Martin was going through and was told by the manager that Martin should handle his issue himself physically. That is how many people have been thinking. So is Martin soft or just taking the high road? Does it even matter at this point? One thing is for sure, Incognito has been labeled a problem before and now that past life has resurfaced and Martin is being looked at as weak in the most mescaline physical sport that doesn’t involve throwing punches or kicking. That is really why this story has lingered for a week, it’s football players involved and they’ve always been labeled tough guys. You have someone who is thought to be tough being presented as someone who isn’t tough enough for the sport. It’s been reported that coaches had gotten in Incognito ear that Martin needed to be toughened up. The whole Dolphin organization is now under scrutiny because no one wants to say they knew of what was going on between the Martin and Incognito. It’s crazy that weakness is really coming full circle in the NFL, first all these rule changes making any hard hits be a foul and now an in depth look at the inner workings of the locker room lifestyle of the NFL. Things will change when it’s all over with, you can believe that much to be true. I’m not saying I agree with hazing but I do think that Martin could have grew a pair and stood up for himself. Yes a fight may have happened and I’m sure teammates fight from time to time and we as outsiders don’t hear about it or see any animosity leak onto the field on gameday, that’s life, yopu’re not going to always be on the same page. I’m sure just as much as Incognito will have a hard time joining another team so too will Martin for different reasons of course. The NFL is still a man’s man game and feeling you’ve been bullied and had to leave you’re team and having your agent speak to people on your behalf isn’t manly at all. If anything I’m wondering will this be a moment in time where more players come out about feeling bullied because I’m sure it has and still does go on in the locker rooms, it goes in in the real world at any job.The NFL has to figure out a way to do something and not come away looking like it encourages soft people in a sport full of tough guys. If so the intimidation linemen are known for could then become part of the bullying aspect, I mean it kind of is bullying when you think of it. So the NFL needs to figure what happened, how to deal with the problem and where to draw lines before things get crazy and we truly will have flag football.




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