Are we really comparing Obamacare to the Katrina

At some point the approval rating for President Obama fell as low as Bush numbers during the lack of concern for human lives left in horrible conditions after Katrina. I figure it’s cool to look at the numbers and say the numbers match it’s cool to say one major misstep by both Presidents is what got them such low approval ratings. Where I seem to be lost at is how some people are comparing the two incidents. Katrina was an embarrassment to not just President Bush but our nation as whole and that’s how we view Obamacare?

I will be the first to say Obama has no idea what he’s up against with this affordable care act fall apart. What i think the American public should look at is the reality of all this. We know as on lookers that Obama has been fighting from the beginning to get this affordable care act off the ground since he came into office. The problem is Obamacare is the law and for some sad selfish reason corporate America, politicians and the insurance company all waited to see how things would play out. Obamacare could have been and at this point should be in a better place but all the hoping for the worst, meaning wait to see and hope Obama fails, all parties more so the insurance companies should have been figuring out how to implement the law to their business. Instead everyone sat back to watch this breakdown. With that said what are people really upset ands saying they don’t trust Obama, could it be because he underestimated the world of insurance? Did people forget how shady insurance companies are? I mean Obama went in to this thinking people who had insurance would be good this affordable act was for those who weren’t insured which in turn would decrease our cost since we are paying for the un insured. Did Americans forget about how quick insurance companies can switch up things and it gets even crazier when you get insurance through your place of employment. So does that mean your job or who you deal with as a healthcare provider is un-trustworthy? The person we’re blaming has nothing to gain but a legacy move that should have happened almost a century ago, instead we’re dealing this issuer of some form of universal healthcare. Those against this have yet to come to the table and at the least saying let’s keep some stuff and there will be some things will have us bite the bullet but atleast the ball is moving along because now nothing is being done. At this time this is a major fail for Obama and certainly a major fail is for the American people as well because some jobs have altered their insurance policy to fit into the affordable healthcare act that if Obamacare is stalled indefinitely who is to say that those companies won’t go back to the old ways. That’s where we are right now, at some crazy standstill. People are upset because they feel Obama lied or didn’t know what was really going on is not a real reason to compare this to Katrina. Lives were lost for no reason during Katrina as of now nothing has happened and to be fair we as Americans should be happy all these bugs have come into play now rather than later. Not saying Obama isn’t to blame but how many average people even understand the mechanics of how insurance really works


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