Is Derrick Rose the next Grant Hill?


D. Rose will miss the rest of the season and it’s safe to say he will really have a hard time coming back to being the Derrick Rose that was MVP. After hearing about this over the weekend I started to think of Grant Hill. The NBA is build of so and so being the next so and so so. As of now is feels like Rose will end up being the next Grant Hill.

For those of you reading this who have no idea who Grant Hill is or you’ve seen him here and there the past few years and can’t understand why i’m comparing Rose to Hill because from what you’ve seen he isn’t that good of a player. Well, that’s my point, he isn’t now. Grant Hill exploded into a great player once he came into the league, he was good college dude at Duke damn it he didn’t just make it known he was in the NBA his rookie year. He was supposed to be the bridge between Jordan and Kobe, he was supposed to be that dude until Kobe really came into his own. Hell Grant Hill could have been LeBron to Kobe’s Durant if things would have went well in Grant’s career. But injuries kept Grant Hill down and he went from being one the NBA’s best new stars to being someone who used to be a go to player who could still put up numbers to being a good role player to just still being in the league. All the talking heads want you to believe D. Rose is following the great Bernard King’s path because of the type of injury Rose has, that’s not the case. Bernard had that injury and that was it, nothing before or after that major, this is Roses’s second major injury in three seasons. Grant Hill still put up great scoring numbers and even played heavy minutes, and his last year as a Piston was his best year with only 74 games played. Rose can do the same at some point the question is will it be in Chicago?

The NBA loves feel good comeback stories. They also have a way of letting legends die and not bringing up the not so good ending too. You never hear anyone bring up Grant Hill unless it’s about how he still is playing somewhere, no one says he could have been one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. Rose could end up lost in the shuffle like Hill or even worst Bobby Hurley, who career was done before it even had a real chance to start. Rose may be lucky and get a Bill Walton type of career, hell a Sam Bowie type career would be nice or Larry Johnson’s Knick years. Who knows one thing is for sure I won’t be surprised to look up in a couple years and see Rose coming off the bench to be a spark to some team in the championship hunt who got a steal because of past injuries and Rose ends up playing MVP basketball for the minutes he is on the court like Nate Robinson did in Chicago last year.


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