Monday’s Poll: Should Schools start later?


I woke up this morning and heard NPR and out of the blue I heard some stupid, yes I;m saying stupid, study and poll about how teens need more sleep. The answer, start school later. Maybe I missed something but school has started later already. I remember being at school before seven when I was in high school. I also remember as my mom telling me my being tired was my fault. As teens we took on a whole new life, we stayed out later and went to bed later and school hours were the same, and as a result we were tired. I’m sure any adult reading this has had a similar teenage life. It’s part of growing up, waking to to go to school is that one major responsibility teens have, it has been for generations.

I remember my mom explaining to me how I need to figure out a solution to my tardy issue because when I get a job and go in late I will soon be out of a job. So what has happened as of late? Well teens have more things keeping them up for one. That reason alone is why we don’t let my girlfriend’s kids have a television in their room, when we first started living together the now thirteen year old played the Xbox all night until five when his mom would get up to shower. He and his older brother were always late or didn’t even go to school, grandma was their lifeline keeping them out of trouble such nonsense, ok so off track now. Now he gets the television in his room on the weekend and when he gets his iwhatever this Christmas he will have to fork that over before bedtime. Does it sound extreme, sure it does, but it works, he, the 13 year old, hasn’t been tardy due to walking out the house late. Maybe that should be looked at, what are these teens doing and how late are they doing it, there are so many devices out there now. Game console, tablets, phones, televisions and let’s not even get into parents lives. Are they home during the night or even awake to insure their children are in bed at a certain time? The segment spoke on how early school hours are in conflict with teens circadian rhythms and how teen don’t fall asleep before 11pm. The segment went as far as to throw teen car accidents in the mix, yes another reason why teens are bad drivers, can’t be practice makes perfect and teens are normally reckless by nature, it’s because they wake up early to go to school.

So the theory is have school start about eight something in the morning, of course in some places high school does start around that time and teens at those schools are still tired, so should they go to school at nine. Here is something, you go in later and come home later then parents will hate the long school day and then that becomes the new target. Here is something too, are those parents calling to teens jobs asking that they give them later clock in times as well? I mean has anyone went to a fast food place early in the morning on the weekends, there are teens there. Are parents saying teens shouldn’t have a Friday night life and have to wake up early to be at work by 6am or 7 am, and if so is that an issue for the teen or the place the teens work? What about teens who play sports, should an early practice Saturday morning should be canceled or pulled back too? How about parents stop coddling their kids. Their teens, the teens in the segment were 15 and 16 old enough to know the drill and should have adapted by now. If they can’t figure out how this waking up early works, or not early just in a timely manner to get to where they should be, then how is college going to work for them where there are classes 5am and or 6am? No mom is there to knock on doors. The fact they’d still want to go out and kick it late knowing they have an early class falls on them. And when you’re in high school time management falls on the teens not the schools or parents. These parents are so into having their way that their action to shift school hours are a quick fix to a natural problem. Again if they go up an hour and teens are still struggling to make it out the door then what, push the start time of school to 9am? What parents should do is talk to their kids about responsibility and being held accountable for their actions not trying to build a comfortable world around them. Who know’s I’m just a dude from hood and this is truly a suburbia issue where petitions make a difference not common sense of parents.


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