Black Ceezar: Jay – Z: Birth Of A Brand Part 1&2

Birth Of A Brand radio version photo BirthOfABrandRadio_zps8b29e57c.jpgBirth Of A Brand Street Version photo BirthOfABrandStreet_zps311d6674.jpg

Jay-z is truly what Hip Hop was and is supposed to be, from underground indie artist to someone everyone everywhere just knows by name if not by face. He gets love in the hood and within politics and business circles. He has a vast catalog of gutty shit joints and just as much if not more charts topping radio songs. No artist before and even after Jay-Z has mastered the tight rope walk like Jay. These two mixes touch on this facet. The first mix is Jay-Z the chart climber radio dude, spanning from 96 to 2013 click here. The second mix is Jay-Z the what locked mixtapes down and just kept Jay-z in the top five MC’s talk for almost two decades click here.

Birth Of A Brand (Radio)

1. Intro
2. Can’t Knock The Hustle
3. Can’t Knock The Hustle remix
4. Hard Knock Life
5. Can I Get A
6. Niggas In Paris
7. Nigga What Niiga Who
8. Izzo
9. Girls Girls Girls
10. Girls Girls Girls remix
11. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
12. Girls Best Friend (blend)
13. 03‘ Bonnie And Clyde
14. Song Cry (blend)
15. Change Clothes
16. I Just Wanna Love You
17. Excuse Me Miss
18. I Know
19. Lost One
20. Ain’t No Nigga
21. Money Cash Hoes
22. Big Pimpin
23. Tom Ford
24. Empire State Of Mind
25. 30 Something
26. Roc Boys
27. Encore

Birth Of Brand (Street)

1. Intro
2. Dead President 3
3. Dead President 2
4,. Where I’m From
5. Heart Of The City
6. 1-900- Hustle
7. D’ Evils
8. Go Crazy verse
9. In My Lifetime
10. Politics As Usasul
11. Takeover
12. Threat
13. No Hook
14. Public Service Announcement remix
15. Brooklyn Finest
16. So Ghetto
17. Show You How To Do This Son
18. Heaven
19. People’s Court
20. It’s Like That
21. Pre- Game
22. A Million And One Questions
23. Allure
24. Freind Or Foes 98‘ remix
25. It’s Murda
26. You Don’t Know
27. Dear Summer

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