Embarrassing Americans: The Paul Walker cash grab


When the death of a celebrity hits, everyone looks to cash in, record labels release an album soon after to get the last album and then release unfinished work patched together. Movies get a boost if the star has died before the film has been released and those who speak of the movie make sure you’re aware that this was the last film that actor or actress was working on, and let’s not forget some films that were just sitting around collecting dust now get to see the light of day thanks to the death of these people. Now that I’ve established the art of getting paid off of dead people isn’t new it shouldn’t be a surprise that Paramount Pictures has re-released Fast & Furious 6 Blu-rays with a new cover. Now of course some of the money goes to a charity that Paul Walker was a part of, it has to, to just re-release this film with a nice new shiny box now would be…. Normal;

I’m sure is looking to do something with all of the movies that can be purchased and they’re in talks with some toy company to do an action figure and cars. Why do this? Well we as people know the sales for these Fast & Furious are going to hit all time highs and why shouldn’t the movie studio capitalize on this moment? I’m amazed at the speed of such an event, Walker’s death has even been a week old and already the commercials announcing the re-release of the last Fast & Furious movie was on television. I know this doesn’t matter to those who would have bought another copy of the movie in honor of Paul Walker, but it should. to lean in and pressure that impulse and then throw in the fact a percentage of the sales goes to a charity is just cruel. If Paramount Pictures that much of a fuck Paul Walker could have had cars from the movie on hand and even a few people to insure Walker would be safe. To come in after his death like this is also about Walker and the charity is nonsense, it’s an opportunity to make more money off of Paul Walker’s fame, Paramount Pictures doesn’t need to sit and ask his family for permission to do any of this. This wasn’t in the making, to get that Christmas money because the reissue would have happened during Black Friday. Sometimes people suck and this is one of those times.


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