I can’t go all Grinch this Christmas


This move to Cincinnati was supposed to be a good thing… Not so much. My girlfriend’s now 13 year old has been trying to hunt down the most fucked up teens to hangout with since we got here in July. Well his hunt has landed him out of school the entire year. Here is a kid who once he took the placement test he ranked in the top two of the whole school in all subjects. The school as well as the Boys & Girls Club were looking to have him in programs that would give him his high school credits so when he hit High School he would be going in as a junior. All that is down the drain and maybe because of age and the unawareness of just what has been lost the kid has no issue with maybe having to do the 7th grade over. At the point I personally have just written him off as some kid who wants attention, all the wrong attention and maybe that’s says something about us as a society since the problem kids are we as a nation focus at times.

While the 13 year old is becoming a lost cause right before my eyes the 7 year old has become a totally different kid. The crying and baby stuff is gone and he has real conversations now. He is into presidents and for some reason I will never understand Nixon and Reagan are his favorites. We got him some President stuff for Christmas and board games because he makes up games and never knows the rules later down the line. Yes we are letting him use his imagination with his drawings, legos, and just odd stories because it’s something we can share with him. From what my girlfriend has told me and what I’ve seen the two older boys spent their time alone in front of the televisor playing games until it was time to go to bed, I can see that be the way they interact with their mom. The whole thing Christmas is to have the 7 year old enjoy himself from the time he wakes up til the time he falls out. I don’t want to ruin this first Christmas here for him at all. When you get older Christmas becomes a fond memory and to be here with snow and the toys and things you wanted as well as family and friends is what I want him to come away with when he thinks of his first Christmas in Cincinnati.

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