“You Can Keep It” Lie Of The Year, really?


“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”

– President Obama


I had to really look this “Lie Of The Year” shit up because I don’t think I really paid attention to this year end topic. So I did some research and I found that this is a steady thing since 09 by PolitiFact.com. Of course I find it crazy that’s when it started, when Obama became President. How could this not be a thing during the W. Bush years? Even crazier is the fact that the picks since 09 other than Romney comment last year are comments about Obamacare. So is what Obama said really a lie or just a misunderstanding? I get that his goal was to not have anything change for those who liked the coverage they currently have or had, that wasn’t the case since it’s reported that 4 million cancellation letters were sent out to people canceling the insurance. A lie statement is Reagan saying he had no idea about weapons being sold or W. Bush saying Saddam had Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Those were lies. Obama may have not truly understood what would or wouldn’t happen with Obamacare. It’s obvious he had no idea the website would be as bad as it turned out to be. Speaking of the website, why not focus on the Republicans lie about how America doesn’t want to deal with Obamacare? I mean we as Americans found out the flaws only because people went out of their way to at the very least see what was out there as far as coverage goes. The Republicans found themselves in an odd place because now they were proven to be totally out of touch with America and the love hate affair with Obamacare. Could the who party not be considered liars or does it truly have to be a statement that makes it lie of the year?

I go past this “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” lie and chalk it up to just not fully understanding how things work in the health care coverage field. It was more arrogance on Obama’s part than anything. Health Insurance is a strange beast and when you throw in employment you really have some BS to go through. Health Care Insurance is a business and it’s a my way or the highway business at that. That’s something Obama is learning the hard way and it’s something people are acting as if it’s new news to them as well. For the most part most Americans have complained about their coverage or lack of in many cases, Obamacare can’t stop that aspect of the game at all. Was there pressure to make that statement lie of the year? I’m sure there are more lies during the whole year than this comment, or is the comment one that was a long time coming? I know, we all know Obama has been saying this when he first went into this whole Obamacare stuff and once it was time came to put that comment to the test it failed. A real lie Obama gave us was the date we could go online and go through the motions in surfing for coverage. That’s a bigger lie than the one picled because if I was waiting to see options and the site wasn’t working that means everything else about Obamacare may be just as faulty. This sin’t the worst lie a President has thrown out there and may not be the worst I’ve heard this year in politics, it’s the fact that it is the one that everyone has heard and it was fresh in peoples minds. The news feed that somehow compared this lie to a President Bush lie was strategic at best and tasteless at its worst.

One thought on ““You Can Keep It” Lie Of The Year, really?

  1. Lie of the year? No, lie of the century! I made this parody video to illustrate all the lies told to sell Obamacare, and its funnier than the clownshow over at Politifarce too!

    Hitler’s health insurance is cancelled



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