Day 1 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop: Statik Selektah: Extended Play

Statit Selektah is hands down one of the best and well respected Hip Hop Producers in the game now, he works artists from all over the board on multiple projects. That love has helped turn Extended Play a great album. Nothing but true spitters going in ober Statik beats. The combination of artists makes the album really play, just listen to Bird’s Eye View. Extended Play is truly one of the better if not the best album of the year.

Hip Hop Song: De La Soul: Get Away

I first heard this on “Get Away” it was on the Live From HeadQCourterz and thought the dudes spitting were a new knock off of De La Soul. Once it was announced thar was some new De La shit I went crazy. This song is just hauntingly good, from the start when I heard the side 2 intro from the Wu Tang Forever album I was hooked. De La has always had that something they just draws you in and this song is no different. They’ve become the shining example of a Hip Hop group after Run DMC and I would even dare to say more than Run DMC.

Non Hip Hop Album: Bruno Mars: Unorthodox Jukebox

This album was released in December of last year so it does fit since this year was the year of Bruno. I think only Taylor Swift had singles pushed down pop radio’s throat more than Bruno Mars. Ay one point every other song was a Bruno Mars song. The album was refreshing pop, not a guilty pleasure like when that Flo Rida song gets stuck in head and you mumble the hook and your peers stare at you like you should know better than to even bring that weak shit in here. I’m not big on pop music at all but this album is a standout when it comes to pop music.

Non Hip Hop Song: Lee Brice: Hard To Love

My theme song in general and even more this year. I truly related to this song the more I heard it. This year Country music seem to be where I floated to and I could see why the more I listen to R&B, Hop Hop and pop…. Life, it reflects life so perfectly. Not all songs but this one is easy to relate to for anyone who listens to it.


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