Day 2 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album: The Godfathers: Once Upon A Crime

Kool G Rap and Necro are The Godfathers and hearing these bars of criminal activities lets the world know both men are still great at what they do. Yes, there any much new ground being forge here but the fact that both men are comfortable in this element is all that matters. It sounds natural to hear about drugs, thugs and death from these two men over some very hard boom bap shit.

Hip Hop Song: Bishop Lamont: I Got Barz

Remember Bishop Lamont? You don’t, well he was one of the Aftermath’s hidden gems a few years ago. “I Got Barz” shows why there was so much hype around this dude. Deom start to finish this song goes hard.

Non Hip Hop Album: Robert Glasper Experiment: Black Radio 2

First off this is less Jazz and more R&B to me and that’s not a bad thing is you’re not that concerned with genres and more about good music. The vibe is very slow and mellow, this is chill music for sure. Many people are complaining because it’s released a year later after the first Black Radio but to be fair and honest they’re only connected by name, pass that they are two different albums. It’s hard to follow great albums and it’s rare a second album is better than the first. Black Radio 2 isn’t bad, it isn’t as good as the first album but is still a great album.

Non Hip Hop Song: Daft Punk: Get Lucky

I heard this when it was still finding legs to climb the pop charts and from that point I loved this song. It’s a feel good song and the throwback sound actually helped make it sound new and fresh.


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