Day 3 Of What I Thought Was Hot This year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Cappadonna: Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre

From the first track when you hear the horns on “In The Dungeon” you get that Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre is all about that Wu Tang sound that changed the game 20 years ago. This all about just letting Cappadonna do him and he doesn’t fail. Not the best the but a good portion of the album has made the rounds already so it’s the newer or never heard songs that really grab your ear.

Hip Hop Song: J Cole: Crooked Smile

My girl and radio loved “Power Trip”, luckily it’s the other single that for some reason was heard on the radio too that I ran with. I know I said luckily as if J Cole is ass or something, not the case at all. I just gate when artists are forced to make a certain kind of music. “Crooked Smile” seem to be in the J Cole’s wheelhouse. Not sure if Chilli made it to a booth to record but it says featuring TLC and I hear T Boz clearly, and why not have them join in on a topic they touched on in “Unpretty”

Non Hip Hop Album: Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience

This year saw Justin Timberlake make a comeback to the music world. “Suit & Tie” was the first single and almost like “Sexyback” “Suit & Tie” was a grow on you type song. One thing that has been cool about this album is JT didn’t follow the pop trend and if anything went back in time with his music and the power of JT made it radio and pop music take notice. Music us making a return to music again and that’s what is great right now, The 20/20 Experience is one of those albums that is part of that contribution.

Non Hip Hop Song: Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch: Sweet Nothing

I love this song… That’s it, hands down, no embarrassment about it. One day I focused on the lyrics and caught on to what Florence Welch was saying and it became a favorite song of mine. To be fair I’ve found myself liking a few of Calvin Harris songs but this still is the big one for me.

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