Day 4 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Danny Brown: Old

It’s crazy I fuck with Danny Brown but haven’t copped much, love his features more than his releases. Old changed that, there’s a maturity to Old that wasn’t on XXX, I almost didn’t know it was the same dude. Of course some people aren’t cool with the chamge, people hated when Em got serious and Kool Keith became, well, Kool Keith. Still Old shows that Danny Brown can be taken serious as a spitter and that’s all I look for these days… Bars

Hip Hop Song: Papoose: Turn It Up

If people say production doesn’t make a song better they’ve lied to you, it makes the song much better. Case and point, Papoose’s Turn It Up. I say this not because Primo did some crazy shit arranging the song or even got busy cutting something for the hook but just because it was a DJ Premier beat something had to be done different from Papoose. I’;; admit I think he (Papoose) is overrated as a MC but Turn It Up is that shit. This song sounds like the kind of song that gave DJ Premier his legendary status. I know reading this it comes off like it’s all about Primo and less about Papoose, but that’s how it is when you get that chance to record with DJ Premier.

Non Hip Hop Album: Raheem DeVaughn: A Place Called Loveland

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Raheem DeVaughn knows that pretty well, he rarely comes out of his comfort zone and that isn’t a bad thing. There is more than enough diversity on his plate to play with musically without things coming off boring and old. I’ll admit you do come away felling as if you’ve heard a few of these songs before in his back catalog, but you can say that about Drake as well and no one is calling Drake on out on that are they? Another good album from someone who clearly deserves more respect radio wise.

Non Hip Hop Song: Mario: Somebody Else

First off I could care less about Mario or Nicki, it’s all about the chick on the chorus and the drums banging during that part. Point blank this was a summer jam if I ever heard one, it screamed to be played loud in somebody’s car on a major avenue. Now the song itself is, nothing to write home about but again ince you hear that chick things get crazy. “Somebody Else” like “Treasure” and “Get Lucky” tapped on the door of the 80’s and asked for some retro vibes and didn’t disappoint in the effort to recreate that sound.


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