Day 5 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album Of The Year: Killer Mike and EL P: Run Your Jewels

This album is just gritty underground shit. EL P has had success doing these kinds of projects but with Killer Mike it just seems more natural, like therapy or something. No compromise at all, the way the cover makes you think gutter, the album is just that. New York and Atlanta connect nicely here.

Hip Hop Song Of The Year: Common: Congratulations

Common shows why he is still one of the more thought out MC’s in the game with a story of a wedding day of his homie. The story goes all over the place and yet still keeps you hanging on every word. The cool thing is the “Testify” twist that unlike “Testify” the hint of what the outcome was thrown in the song. From the beat to the singing at the end this song is a dope calming treat.

Non Hip Hop Album: John Legend: Love In The Future

When the first single dropped featuring a not good sample of “Mr. Big Stuff” and Rick Ross looming over the song I figured the album would suck. To my surprise it didn’t, it wasn’t the best in his catalog but it does bring back what made John Legend the man for a minute in the music game.

Non Hip Hop Song: Jake Owens: Anywhere With You

This country song is a nice thought of how much you’re willing to be with someone. This was my personal theme song when we were going through the places to move to, I was like anywhere will do as long as it’s together. To make things better in this case while going to get the U Haul truck the song played, when we first hit the road while looking for a station to listen to the song was playing. My girlfriend would stare at me as if wanting to ask how do I know this song and do I like the song? I’ve said it before Country music this year tapped on the door of my life at this time.


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