Day 6 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Tony Touch: Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 Mcs

First off unless I lost count there aren’t 50 MCs on this album, unless something happened to the rest of the album. This is a throwback album for sure and that’s not a bad nor good thing, just a nice thing. A peirce of Hip Hop that was fistoric was brought back to the game and that is the legendary 50 MCs. There really isn’t a weak link on this album, you do wish more new artist showed up to bring the game full circle, but this is still a great album never the less.

Hip Hop Song: Wale: Love Hate Thing

From the start when you get the feeling of nostalgia of Marvin Gaye “Love Hate Thing” sticks with you, the hook alone will stay trapped in your mind and on the tip of your tongue. To be fair I really don’t listen to much of Wale’s music but this song does sound good.

Non Hip Hop Album: Ralph Alessi: Baida

Jazz can be that cool funky heart pounding thing that gets your blood flowing or that calming sweet release that sweeps you away to a secret peace. Baida is the latter for sure and it’s a pleasant ride the whole way through. The slow burn isn’t for everyone and I’ll admit I play this and other slow albums in cycles myself.

Non Hip Hop Song: Bilal: West Side Girl

It’s always good to hear anything from Bilal, even if you don’t get where it’s going when you first hear it. This is not a grow on you song at all, this is a nice song that just sticks with you. Not sure when thealum will drop but it’s cool to just hear from a talented man who brings that heat.

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