Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Dynasty: A Star in Life’s Clothing

Dynasty caught my attention in 09 on the DJ Premier album where she did her thing. Now in 2013 it seems to be coming together for DY. Most of the beats have a throwback vibe to it while the bars are true underground gutter shit. To hear a female sell skills and not sexuality first is a throwback. It’never been easy for female MCs in the game and it will not get any easier if you can’t respect the skill,. Dynasty is already getting the love for being nice with the bars

Hip Hop Song: Jay – Z: Heaven

I love how Jay addressed all the illuminati talk that seems to pop up every few years. zThen to just manhandle the beat and showcase signs of the Jay – Z that made him a top 5 dead or alive MC was also refreshing.

Non Hip Hop Album: The Foreign Exchange: Love In Flying Colors

I’ll admit two things about me when it comes to The Foreign Exchange,the first is I never follow their releases, I just happen to come across an album and then look at the release year. The other thing is I respect how they change and grow enough to have it be noticeable but not enough for that growth to be distracting. That in of itself is a hard feat and many artists fail in the attempt to do such a thing. Love In Flying Colors is chill music that has a lushness to it and it’s that chill factor that keeps the album in a nice place.

Non Hip Hop Song: Ariana Grande: The Way

When I first heard this I was thinking another Mariah Carey, then I started to like the song for some reason. Then things became crazier when I found out this chick was the some slow ass hick from Same & Cat, my girlfriend’s boys will watch Nick all day if you let them/ Of course “The Way’‘ is a nice song and the whole song itself will get stuck in your head, from the beat to Mac Miller’s part to just the high notes Grande hits in the dong. This song has all the elements to make me hate it but I can’t.

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