Day 8 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Best Hip Hop Album: Black Milk: No Poison No Paradise

The Drums, the sample chops, the flow….. It’s all there as if it never left. No Poison No Paradise is another great album from Black Milk. The sound of Hip Hop Detroit Hip Hop is in this brother’s hand without a doubt.

Best Hip Hop Song: Jay – Z: Jay Z Blue

Another favorite song off the Magna Carta Holy Grail album, the album isn’t on my list but these songs are. What’s cool about this song, pass the touching fact he ( Jay) addresses how it is to be a father and how he doesn’t want to fail\ at being a father, is the why B.I.G is a major part of the song. The message isn’t as heartfelt as it should be, I mean let’s be real if this was The Blueprint album this could be a tearjerker of a song. With that said Jay still gets his point across well.

Non Hip Hop Album: Gregory Porter: Liquid Spirit

Liquid Spirit is a strong album. The mellowness is put up against the powerful vocals of Gregory Porter and it sounds so much older than some 2013 release. Not a song wasted on silliness on this album, this is some old school love blah blah blah stuff here. I say that in a bad way bit it truly is a good thing, to hear the multiple aspects of love is lost in the music these days. Even the cover songs sound original just because of the way they’re brought to the listener on this album.

Non Hip Hop Song: Amel Larreiux: Afraid

It feels good hearing new music from Amel Larreiux. A little more bounce than I was expecting but still sounds familiar to me. I haven’t gotten the album but this is a great first single to run with.


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