Day 9 Of What I Thought Was This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Daz & WC: Westcoast Gangsta Shit

Here’s something that the East and West have in common, a traditional sound. Ues West Coast has evolved over the years and yet still there is a stereotypical West Coast “sound” associated within Hip Hop. Of course that’s not a bad thing at all, in fact Westcoast Gangsta Shit embodies that sound. Daz has always been one of the West Coast ill producers and WC gets respect off top since his Madd Circle days, so when these two icons connect it’s a nothing but a good thing. There really isn’t any rust on these two legends, there are however lack of current slang and just vibe. Of course that is what happens with many old school artists who aren’t teaming up with current artists.

Hip Hop Song: Big Sean: Control

Be honest, if it wasn’t for that Kendrick Lamar verse no one would give a damn about this song. BUT that verse exists and it does so on this Big Sean song and that makes this song one on everyone’s top whatever list of 2013 in the world of Hip Hop.

Non Hip Hop Album: Charles Bradley: Victim of Love

Charles Bradley is a true talent that deserves the love he gets right now in his life. This second album Victim of Love continues to keep the soul funk fest going with ease. Not sure who Charles Bradley’s audience is on a massive level but one thing is for sure, they have to be loving this album.

Hip Hop Song: Blood Orange: You’re Not Good Enough

Pop music seems to be falling deeper in this love affair with the 80‘s. Blood Orange is a prime example with “You’re Not Good Enough” sounding like they came from a Prince show and wanted to be like him. By no means is that a bad thing because this song is very catchy.


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