Day 10 Of What I Thought was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop: Ugly Heroes: Ugly Heroes

Apollo Brown has been going the 9th Wonder route, letting his production be saving grace of many collaboration albums. For sure Apollo Brown is making some good choices and hot music and Ugly Heroes is another must have for Hip Hop heads wanting that gutty banger shit. The bars are sick and the beats are heavy on soul, CLASSIC shit.

Hip Hop Song: Statik Selektah: Bird’s Eye View

This song stayed with me the whole year, it was the single reason I even kept Exrended Play on my radar. From the ill sample flip to having Raekwon and Black Thought on the same record, bookends no less, and then the highly overhyped but worth the praise Joey Bada$$ inserted in the middle makes this a classic song.

Non Hip Hop Song: Valerie June: Pushin’ Against A Stone

Don ‘t knew how to describe this album and then there is the fact I don’t want to put a label on this album. It’s good, no it’s great and it’s something that just doesn’t get the respect it should as far as music goes. This album is what makes people stop and take notes on just how pure and organic music can be.


Non Hip Hop Song: Otep: Apex Predator

If being stalked could be creepy and somehow erotic this would be the song playing in the backdrop as you look and notice that your ex is always around in the distance. Part disturbing part just plan brilliant, you feel the loathing and anger in this song and still come away wanting to see the chick singing or whatever you’d call what she does on this song.

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