Goals for 2014

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This year will be a crazy, see how things go type of year. One reason being because a good portion of bad luck has happened since we moved here over the summer. I’m sure things will get better down the line. I also have to split my time into two because it’s hard to share my time and plans and still be a family guy.

Personal Goals

Save Money

I’m good at this but when you’re dealing with kids the unpredictable happens a lot, way too often. I, we (my girlfriend and I), need to figure out how to put away money while handling all the day to day stuff. I’d be cool with one of those 52 week things you see people posting all over the web, it’s money saved right?

Enjoy the city

We live about ten minutes from downtown so there will be no reason not to go to at least one Reds and Bengals game this year. There is also hitting the zoo and aquarium as well as getting season passes for Coney Island. Going to a few more dinners at a few of the nice looking places out here. Cincinnati is a great looking place and we as a family should enjoy it before we take it for granted like people who are from here do.

Try harder to stay in contact with people

It’s hard to get time to myself and then to get time to call people and see how they’re doing is even harder to do. I used to have time as a good reason on why I didn’t, living out in the Mid West and Mountain time zones made calling the East a chore. Now I’m on East Coast time and haven’t made one call to anyone really since I’ve gotten here.

Music Goals

Get back to the beats

Can’t wait to get back to chopping samples and making some ill beats. It’s just a nice extension of what I do music wise.

Recording Projects

I already have one project with an ill beat maker Selah the Israelite who is from here. I’m looking to have it be on Bamdcamp and do videos for at least two songs. I also need to get a few mixtapes out my system, I’ve came across some hot beats.

Get my mix in

Sunday Soul Session has been a good look for me and the monthly mix where I do more Hip Hop stuff has been cool too. What I want to do and will do here and there is cut up songs more. I’ve really slowed it down compared to how I used to do, I think I can get crazy on a few mixes to show I’m nice on the turntables.

Beats & Bars Mix

Ok, that may not be the name but the idea will be the focus on those artists I come across online that have good music. Dope Hip Hop first off and then I may spread into other genres. Gotta show love to unsigned artist who aren’t all over the blogosphere, is that even still a word?

Thursday Review revamped

I’m still going to do the podcast for albums, I have a few episodes in the cut that I never did a thing with for no real reason at all. I will also do movie and show review, those will be written. I’m keeping the podcast for albums.

Get back on track with my writing

I’ll be the first to say I’ve been slacking in my macking. One day I looked at my blog and say nothing but music stuff. Mixtapes were never the focus at all for the blog, it was always just a nice mix of things, well life to be exact. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even really paid attention to certain news to even have an opinion to attempt to speak on. I’ll be changing that this year.


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