Is Target Doing Enough For Those Millions Individuals?


If you look back at trail of news about retail giant Target you see things keep getting worse since the Black Friday hacking situation last year. I guess a bright spot could be the gift cards and free identity security for a year. My concern and issue is the news keeps getting worse. From just a few million, that comes off as if it could have been under ten million

Millions of Target customers’ credit, debit card accounts may be hit by data breach.

Millions Of Credit Cards Affected By Data Breach At Target.

Both titles and stories are from the 19th of December and they both come off as if by the standard of millions it is around single digits. Over the weekend the story reported it could be as many as 110 million people at risk. Before today it was just 70 million.
The major issue is trust and this is when things get tricky because no one is going to say shit about that trust being broken by Target. Just think our lie of the year was Obama and his misinformation about who can and can’t keep their current coverage within the affordable care act. I get the President should be held accountable and placed at the top of the blame game, but right now it seems no one wants to figure out how to truly blame Target for so many lives being put at risk. 110 million people are at risk of having their lives turned upside down and to be fair the more you hear about Target the more you know they’ve been hiding shit from the public. From the time this story broke Target has been hiding or hold back information. I get it, you’re Target the second, in some places first, choice retail store, you have to figure out how to contain the problem. The problem is the “problem” concerns actual people and their security.

Many business people are saying Target will take a hit this year and many other companies are waiting to take their place. The upside is people rather deal with Target than with other retail stores. Somehow Target is still the first choice for the middle class shoppers. That has to say something that people are willing top overlook such a breakdown of security rather than go somewhere else. If you’re Target this is great news and it makes your chain that much more
superior than every other retail chain out there. One reason this has to be true is because every news segment that speaks on this scandal the person speaking makes it a must to say people will still shop at Target, and yes to me this is a scandal because no one really still knows what’s going on unless Target tells us. So maybe a good portion of the the optimism is because of the media. My take is Target has become to number one retail store for middle class shoppers. With that being said I think Wal Mart is the number one retail chain out there but those picky people who think white trash, trailer trash, ghetto ass people and immigrants who smell and don’t speak English have overtaken Wal mart, and then there are the customers. I’ve been in both and yes Target is more for the “we wish we had more money” crowd, Target was the place I first encountered the ugg boots, sweatpants, pea coats with scarf neck crowd. So to think that that crowd would stroll through K Mart is a just never going to happen. Plus Target has strategically setup shop in middle class areas, some places don’t even haver metro stops and that’s what makes Target different.

With that said it we should hold Target at higher standard and demand answers on how something like this could happen at Target. No one else has had such a shocking hacking situation like this in years. Maybe it was smart to go at Target because that is where the money would be. I mean knowing over a hundred million people are caught up and to think over half would be upper middle class makes the story completely scary for Target. If just half of the people chose to not just shop elsewhere but get their close peers and those people get family and close associates to shop elsewhere Target would truly be in face lift mode. Again target doesn’t have to worry about that at all so far and if anything they will take a major lose through the winter and things will pick up by Easter. Easter will be a pulse test to see how things will go for the rest of the year with Summer and back to school right around the corner. Something tells me leading up to Black Friday the media will not bring up this situation at all until after Black Friday, for better or worse. If it turns out there will be some light and things go somewhat good, it make Target the retailer force to be dealt with. If Target does terrible or under preforms even by the predicted low numbers, I think the number one middle class retail store will be up for grabs.

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