Embarrassing Americans Zimmerman, Celebrity Boxing For Charity

How the fuck does this happen? George Zimmerman a celebrity, how, how does he get such a label? Zimmerman, reality tv stars, those fools who end up getting over a million views on Youtube and the Kardashian clan are are now considered celebrities. Zimmerman murdered an unarmed teen and got away with it because the perception is an African American male is always the criminal. Why not wait and see how Randall Kerrick and the soulless fool who murdered Renisha McBride trails go and have a triple header night? It’s ridiculous to even give Zimmerman the attention he is getting. The saddest thing is no one wanted anything to do with OJ within the first few years after his trail and for some reason Zimmerman is being asks softball questions and having friendly interviews. I shouldn’t know shit about this man’s personal life at all. To know he liked to box as a hobby is an odd little fact about Zimmerman I care to not know, in fact I would be fine never hearing about him again. This whole boxing idea had to be his in some way because no one would really want to do anything with him. At this point even the media knows to give him space and in a several years when the sting isn’t as bad bring him out to the public. Zimmerman should be left to Rodney King status, we heard from him about every ten years and then we heard he was dead. To be honest I’m sure he really doesn’t want to open the door of having someone putting their hands on him, black or white. There are way too many people who would love to have that chance to knock the shit out of Zimmerman, that may be his thinking. Maybe he has it planned out that people will pay to see someone beat his ass, I mean it’s for charity. it writes itself, he gets in the ring, throw a few jabs, take a few jabs and then get hit hard as fuck stays down for the count and gets something on the side.

I’m a bit pissed still because I find it sad that people and the media would not give OJ peace at all and this guy is parading around and has interviews all over the place as if he was in the right, like he saved the day or something. It’s buddy buddy with Zimmerman for some reason, I’d make it a guilt trip every time I seen him out and about. OJ killed his ex wife and her lover is bad shit, Scott Peterson killing wife wife is sad, random acts of terrorism by shooting in public places taking lives in the process is scary senseless shit but a man stalking and shooting an unarmed kid is cruel and evil and to see him walking around like nothing happened leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I’d pay to see him box though. It would have to be real boxers of championship status and a different fighter each round and it has to go ten rounds. Doesn’t matter the race just so as long as they’re in his weight class, a different fight each round beating the shit out of him. He gets knocked down or knocked out , wake his ass up and get those ten rounds out the way. It’d not justice, it’s not even close to justice but I’d feel better the next day knowing he got his ass kicked legally.


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