Latest CBO Report Isn’t That Bad In The REAL World

Here lies the great divide about what politicians see and what those in the real world see. Like the fight over a living wage, Obamacare has now finally knocked on the door I’ve always knew it would, and that’s un-chaining employees. I say un-chaining because as the report shows and all the stories in the media jumped on, employees could now work less hours if they choose to or feel more liberated to venture out and look for a better job. What the government and employers know is that insurance coverage keeps, forgive me kept, people at their jobs trying to make the hours that were needed to NOT get dropped. I know I’m not the only person that knows people who were without a doubt slaves to their job due to health coverage. The Republicans as well media seem to be totally detached from the average person, or the average person is ashamed of being an average person. I sa this because there is no way so many politicians should be ok speaking about this new discover as a bad thing. I figure it a bad thing to employers because now workers can be in charge of whether or not they want to work full time, that’s if they can afford to live on part time wages. I’ve personally seen workers use their vacation time during slow periods of the business so they can have the hour to keep their coverage, which in turn means you’ve had a few workers not take a vacation and work all year round. Those employees were cheated out of time off to nothing more than just relax and be away from work for a few weeks. Strangely enough the news stories didn’t bring up the fact the a nice percentage of employees are up in age at certain jobs and being covered by some sort of insurance helps those people afford what medicine is needed and to take strain off them less hours without fear of being dropped. That sounds good to me, you keep workers and they keep coverage.

Of course the other story is people being more willing to leave their jobs and remain covered. I see this being an issue more so for low paying jobs or small businesses with horrible bosses, or any place of employment for that matter. Obamacare also allows people to be more daring and want to follow their dreams or just test the waters of truly being independent and start their own business. It comes off that politicians want people to start their own business just not at the expense of already established businesses. Somehow all the negatives fall on Obamacare. People have a choice is now a bad thing. The why i see it and I should be in politics because if peolple are going to choose to work less hours than that opens the door to hire more people and if they too can already afford their health care coverage than working less hours shouldn’t matter unless they need the hours to get by. What happens then of course is the Republicans lose lost of jobs and hours being cut as a talking point because now employers are hiring people who are willing to work less hours, that sounds like a win win to a certain degree and isn’t it all about the American people and how they will do with Obamacare?


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