The Hate Never Ends


“Right now the federal government funds more low-wage jobs than Wal-Mart or McDonald’s,” Ellison says. “There are two million workers who work for federal contractors, and in these contracts, there’s no provisions that there be a responsible wage be paid to these people.”

– Keith Ellison
My how things change in a few weeks or so, at one point the federal workers were high on the list for Republicans, now, not so much. What happen? Well the obvious, Obama agreed and said he’s make sure new contracts with the federal government will pay no less than ten dollars an hour. At that point the Republicans started falling back on the fight that they had made all because Obama agrees. Last week it seem like Republicans had a plan to spread out immigration reform then after a group meeting everything changed. First off these fight themselves are an agree for the sake of argument. The GOP agrees some people should be paid more, they also agree reform need to happen with immigration, just as long as Obama doesn’t agree with them. The problem isn’t the game the Republicans are playing it is the fact that people are so against Obama that Americans allow it to be played. At this point we are seeing the republicans backtrack on their own proposals, not because it might not work but because Obama is on board. The Republicans can’t have it both ways, they can’t scream selfishness on the part of Obama and then we he likes your idea you walk away saying well he we can’t trust him. You have the chance to put him on blast, he agreed to raise federal workers pay, an idea Republicans agreed on, not workers out here in the fast food and retail world and then you pulled back on that. One would think these reconsideration tactics would backfire but they’re not. There are people in general for many reasons that don’t like Obama, yes most of those reasons can be traced back to race but some are just plain disappointment in the job he has done so far. Those people, the swing voters and disgruntled Democrats should be where focus should go. As of now all politicians holding a seatin Senate could lose out because the average American wants a whole new group on Capital Hill. Pulling back after coming up with a plan shouldn’t be a good strategy but it may work. The Republicans know this and are willing to play this game out feeling that maybe, just maybe those in their party will be spared and if anything The Tea Party candidates will be the ones taking over. That could be a case of you get what you ask for and if so that could swing votes for the Presidential election away from the GOP just because The Tea Party seem to be behind of the evolution of people in general. The chance for bipartisanship has come twice this year and both times The Republicans have chose to walk away from the table while criticizing Obama. Obama can have a chance since both time are about “now” issues, wages and Immigration reform, ftwo things being against could be viewed as a bad thing by swing voters just those who feel these topics affect them in some way. The hate for Obama isn’t going anywhere until he is out of office, the thing is immigration reform and wages may still be things that need tending two when the new President is in office and that person may not want to deal with those issues and as Americans we shouldn’t complain about that then when the chances are here now and even more so because it’s an election year, so we should really make sure the right people are on Capital Hill


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