Attempted Murder A Crime, Actual Murder Not So Much


How? That’s how any logical person would start a conversation about the “Loud Music” trail. I’m lost on the whole thing, I personally thought there was some mix up like the attempted was the hung jury and the murder was the guilty verdict when I first about the outcome. To be honest I really thought Michael Dunn would walk on all charges given the fact in one years time so many African Americans have been shot and killed by someone somewhere. The “how” aspect remains, how could you NOT come to a conclusion on the actual murder? The sad truth is I wasn’t surprised by how things turned out, it has become normal to see such an approach such as shooting and African American as being a rational reason. If anything It looks as if he was found guilty for just shooting recklessly, had he hit all the teens in the SUV he’d be free right now. That layout alone is crazy, as if Dunn had never been around such a thing as people in their vehicle playing loud music. There lies the issue people even the African American jurors felt him in that situation, loud music you say something and then the disrespect of youth comes into play. Is it a reason to go Death Wish on five people? NO. I do see where the something is up for debate aspect comes into play as far as what happened and what was being said. but to shoot a gun is uncalled for.

There aren’t going to be too much hype about this, we’re still trying to deal with Zimmerman as a country, and as a so this just became a tag a long in some ways. The world didn’t stop and wait for the verdict, hell it wasn’t a major news story that every moment was to be analyzed by the regular talking heads on News Networks ten minutes out of every hour. Twitter didn’t go crazy, Facebook wasn’t cluttered with pictures that rightfully compared this trail to the Zimmerman trail. We as a people are fatigued right now, it feels like this story continues to play out with different lives lost in different places for different reasons. A female dies looking for help because she was i the wrong place, a former college football player dies because a cop was “scared”, Dunn starts some sort of confrontation over loud music with five people in a SUV and then somehow become frighten and grabbed his gun and started shooting. There is no justice at all and it’s not new as far this country is concerned and if anyone should be on alert it’s the younger generation. Seeing all these older people scream foul means nothing if those 20 somethings and teens aren’t seeing this as an issue. Then comes the painful fact they may not think anything can be done.

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