Brazil Going Through Gentrification


Brazil will be on the world’s stage over the two years with the World Cup and Summer Olympics being hosted there. That of course means things need to be ready and looking good, you don’t want those spoiled Americans with their twitter, instagram and faceebook pages making your country look bad do you? With reconstruction comes the loss of homes for Brazil’s poor. This nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just the fact as a world is concerned shouldn’t there be some sort of check up on these countries wanting host The Olympics? Should there have not been some people from other countries looking at how things wold be in Sochi months even a year before the Olympics started? Now of course I’m off track with this thought but if people have to un volunteeringly and even in knowingly will have to move from where they live, then yes there is a problem. Then comes thed news people are being relocated and children can’t get to school, adults can’t get to work, the transportation given to those who have been relocated sucks and just the pure fact that some people OWNED their home and land and are now in apartments is sad. This is the part of life no one sees nor cares about, those who have to sacrifice for the good of their country having a once in a lifetime opportunity to host the Olympics. Maybe it;s one of those things that we as humans come to expect and since those who make the decisions aren’t the one who would get swept under the rug they’re not concerned with where people will have to go to make space for the Olympics. Something like this should be handled in the voting process, it should be handled on a local level when throwing their country’s name in the mix. This shouldn’t be a ok time to build and move people thing at all. This isn’t new and it will only get worse as many other not considered wealthy countries look to host the Olympics as well.


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