Hobby Lobby Opening A Door They May Not Want Open


Hobby Lobby is the newest name going against Obamacare. The chain doesn’t want to deal with Obamacare due to birth control issue. The people at Hobby Lobby claim the mandate goes against their religious belief, so Hobby Lobby is looking to go to the Supreme Court regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Now here is the real issue. I don’t think people knew Hobby Lobby was a religious store, if it is one at all, it doesn’t come off as one if it such a store. With that being the case not only does Hobby Lobby have the right to not deal with Obamacare it also has the right to deny service and employment to certain people due to belief. That means a female who is promiscuous or even rumored to be could be fired because of the belief of the Green family. Those of Islamic faith could be rejected for any of the different aspects of the two religions, which means the store no longer is an Equal Opportunity Employment place. A religious company is also held to a different standard and if the Green family is willing to go all the way to The Supreme Court they’re bypassing personal belief and are stating that their Christian belief is a major part of the Hobby Lobby chain. The Green family can’t have it both ways, they can’t claim Religious Freedom Restoration Act and not be a religious store. Another issue is the Green family is now placing their belief on employees, that part of the story has yet to be touched on. That thought alone is more complicated because it means Hobby Lobby can become intrusive to employees personal life. Hobby Lobby isn’t Heaven & Earth or any other Christian store and that is because it was never meant to be, now that the Green family has opened the door they have to decide if Hobby Lobby is a Christian store or just a store with owners who don’t want to feel their store has to give in to Obamacare which goes against their religion and more so their view on birth control. If things do go Hobby Lobby’s way you can expect many more companies jumping on the train further blurring the line of church and state and professional and personal life. Those applauding such a claim clearly haven’t looked at the bigger picture Hobby Lobby has set up.


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