No More Dunking In The NFL


The NFL is by far the most talked about and watched sport in the major sports world here in the U.S. With that said it’s also the most strictest of all the other major sports. I get the tackle and leading with your helmet rule, I think the N word rule is more about the bullying thing and it will be something that will fade away sad to say but no dunking is crazy. Let it be known for some reason the dunking has been allowed up to this point, it was part of the celebrating ban and for some reason was allowed to “hang around”. What will be next, none of that thing when other players meet the guy who got the touchdown and congratulates him? How about the Lambeau Leap, will that find a way to be banned as well? For a league that embraces the fact that fans love to get up out their chairs and celebrate, on the field is a different world all together and it is sad. I’m sure players will find some way to express themselves after a touch down. One that happens that too will be taken away.


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