How I’m still in Love With Robin

I had to watch How I Met Your Mother’s finale a few times before I really thought about speaking out. First off I have to say Hulu sucks, Hulu Plus is great but Hulu sucks. Anyway, I still came away with the same feeling I had when I first saw the last episode and that was disappointed. Now that How I Met Your Mother is officially over it’s safe to say that the last season was all hype. So many people speculated that there would be a second half of the season to truly get to know Ted’s wife, the mother of his children. You’d see the wedding, get a glimpse of the married life and see how the mother interacted with crew. The last season should have focused on that according to all the TV know it alls. It didn’t at all though andf that really made this season an even bigger waste of time.

What happened was a focus on Barney and Robin’s wedding and there to me lies the problem. Ted was never really the main focus and even with all the hype around who could be the mother this whole series is based on. Somehow Barney became the star and the fact he and Robin really clicked truly made them the stars of the show. In a strange way it feels like the creators didn’t want a Jim and Pam from The Office moment, meaning that relationship truly was the focus of The Office and it was even more evident with the last episode. How I Met Your Mother never let the audience connect with Ted the mother’s relationship. Once the big reveal was given it felt like she got sick and died there was no feeling of sadness involved, this is essentially the star of the show at this point or should be. The writers and creators really trusted that people would just embrace the mother and feel for her. Ted didn’t even feel for her, the show wrapped the mother’s angle up so fast it left things incomplete. To make things worst Ted goes back to Robin, who at one point it felt like she would be the mother even as the show indicated she wasn’t.

I felt like the last 3 to 4 seasons were a wast of time and such a let down. How I Met Your Mother got stuck somewhere and then to have the thought that this would be the moment that would be a major deal with a show with such an ambitious premise where the main character is never part of the cast, it’s the journey to meeting that character and hoping for a nice reveal that kept things alive. It is rare for television to ever show those characters spoken about but never seen or there faces being shown, but here it’s in the title of the show, the mother that is still not revealed. How I Met Your Mother promised to do just that, show us the mother and let us love or hate her. That opportunity was robbed from us, then to have Ted admit he was still love with Robin was an even bigger slap in the face. Will any of this matter, did any of this matter? Not at all, ratings were good and the feedback alone will keep the last episode alive for a few more months until Hulu, Netflix or DVD release hits. The show will do fine as a current hit like Friends in the 90‘s but I’m not thinking it will not be classic like Cheers, How I Met Your Mother will be a mainstay for about ten years in syndication and fade away like many other shows that had a niche audience. How I Met Your Mother could have been a classic show, the stretching out of the series and the poor execution of the finale keeps it from being a true classic to me. The show started with Ted and Robin and with all the women we watch Ted deal with he ends up with Robin, not the mother when the show fades to black. To be honest I’m glad it’s over, thought the show was overrated and not that good.


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