Was it all a part of The Undertaker’s bigger plan


Wrestlemanina xxx had one major surprise Sunday night when The Undertaker lose his match. Twitter and Facebook went crazy, which proves more people know about wrestling than they’d like people to really know, hell my girl told me. The streak has ended and people were and still are upset. Most of it is because of who broke the streak and that was Brock Lesnar. People feel Brock is just a much of a part timer as The Undertaker is, Undertaker comes out to play around this time of the year and Brock shows up around the time of the rumble then they both fade away.For some people they feel if Undertaker was to lose it should be to a younger guy to help get him over. I personally disagree with that thought because The Undertaker is a legend and shouldn’t have to “pass the torch” or help someone become a bigger star. If anything you’d really come away feeling age has caught up with The Undertaker and if that wrestler isn’t going to be a big guy it wouldn’t be believable. Brock brings a realness to the WWE in general, you never know if he will stick to the script. So when the rumor started to spread Brock broke away from the script then it only means Brock truly wanted to make history on a pretty much predictable night. The Undertaker clearly owned the night with the upset, every other match was secondary. Monday Night Raw focused on every major match but The Undertaker Brock match mainly because it was all over the web. casual fans to those who have only heard of The Undertaker were drawn in because of the significance of the streak and mystic and iconic image of The Undertaker. I feel bad for every other wrestler that night because no one cared about those matches media coverage wise. Maybe the rumor of Brock stealing the win will play out at some point. It has truly given Brock a certain kind of pop as well as reestablished how great The Undertaker is.

I think The Undertaker knew this was the last go round and having to now show up only because of the streak gives him a way out. If he had won then what? We’d see him again next year with someone different, an older guy to have an easy match after the beating he took Sunday night. There is no real retirement for wrestlers, it’s like any other professional sport, once the phone stops ringing you’re retired. Undertaker has been getting the call and this may have been his way of saying bye without all the hoopla that goes along with it. I personally wish the streak was that thing that remained in WWE. Again maybe Brock knew The Undertaker was ready to call it quits and stole the match to have something no other wrestler can ever have. The Undertaker should have stopped at 20, to even make things sound good would have had to have three more years to get that 25 – 0 if he had won Sunday. The Undertaker is no longer build for that, so I’m happy that this could be, and hopefully will be his last match. It was a great run and the streak at times was the selling point of Wrestlemania no matter who was headlining the night fans, WWE and The Undertaker knew that. Whether or not The Undertaker comes back or not, he has been getting standing ovations the last three years and if this was the last time so be it, it was a great run even with this one lose.

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