You can’t bash The NBA and work for them at the same time


@nba Danny Crawford just blew a goaltending call and cost the Mavs a game. We will all be awaiting your apology. #pathetic

– Sean Heath @theseanheath

Dallas Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath got in trouble for being a fan first and employee second. Heath was upset with a no call that may have costs The Mavs the game and then he took that frustration to Twitter. It’s life now, we all do it and people do it about their job, sometimes while at work these days. In some ways that’s completely understandable when people tweet about how they feel about any game their watching. The problem is Heath works for the NBA and they’re not just letting this fly, even more so when you send it to The NBA’s twitter account you’re asking for trouble. To me that is where the line was crossed and Heath being suspended came into play. Maybe if Heath hadn’t addressed The NBA the tweet wouldn’t have been a major deal. It isn’t like it was some stunt because he has a small humble following on twitter, again just fan speaking his mind. I understand suspended the guy even if I don’t agree with it. I think most people understand why it happened and may not agree with it, to be honest I didn’t think that could happen, if the team didn’t handle it I figured it was over. Players speaking on the game on social media happens all the time and some players being pissed about calls happen too. Most of the time players try not to blame refs and that keeps them out of trouble with The NBA. The NBA does have a problem and that problem is the people think The NBA is fixed. Unlike any other time in recent history The NBA feels scripted. Players throw that kind of talk around during the playoffs and it doesn’t help the rumors. I stopped watching The NBA for awhile and then started back regularly last year just to watch The Heat make it to The Finals and end up winning. Just watching those Heat games I felt the games were rigged, The NBA has to figure that out, not punishing someone for telling the truth. The NBA more than any other sport can be manipulated and not calling or calling goaltending or charge or blocking foul doesn change things in a game. Even as The NBA comes out and says the call was missed the win lose column is already filled out and will not be changed. Those types of announcements are worthless. How about suspending the refs for bad games, give fans something to hold on to. Right now it seems like Heath is punished for speaking his mind, which he is, he should have not called out The NBA, should have said his peace and moved on. Address the issue would be a better look for The NBA.

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