There Is Little Truth In A Racist Rant


Cliven Bundy is a strange person, from what he feels is a right as a=n American to his views on African Americans. The comments sparked a lot of controversy and cause some supporters of Bundy’s fight to step away from him and those views he carries about African Americans. It’s cool to be a racist just not out loud and so unapologetic in your approach, if that’s how you feel, that’s on you. There was no sense of understanding just how fucked up his comments were, to me that was the most unsettling aspect to me. People of a certain age and lifestyle will never see things different be it race, sexuality, sexual preference, religion or life in general if it doesn’t resemble the life they live. it is what it is and at this point as much as it still shocks people it really shouldn’t.

Now as fucked up as the comments by Bundy were there also was a lot of truth attached to it. There are way too many brothers and sisters NOT doing anything productive with their lives and that same lack of ambitious does get handed down to the children in some cases. I see the same people just out with nothing to do everyday, have seen it everyday of my life, I was even one of those people in my high school days. It is disheartening to watch years pass and the same people not step up and do something with their lives. What’s even worse is the fact that for some reason wanting to do something productive in life is now frowned upon in the hood. If there is no drugs and shootouts involved people seem to want to not be a part of it. African American men have it really bad as most in the hood have mommy issues and are dependant on a female whether it’s still living at home with mommy or living with some girlfriend. The unemployment rate is high for Black men and some just aren’t looking to do anything pass get high, live the good life of a rap star and have sex.

As African Americans we hate hearing white people talk bad about us so it becomes natural to take offense to anything said about us negative and in turn defend those who are in need of criticism . Even when Bill Cosby went off we took offense not because he did but because it was somewhat of a putting our business out there moment. No matter how right Cosby was people still got mad and it divided us as a people. Middle class African Americans know there is a problem and have kept a distance and let things get worse. The problem is those at the bottom are the ones we see all the time in the media, they’re all people know of African Americans. Yes there are way more lazy white people out there but they’re not shown and focused on, it’s sexier or just expected to see African Americans in a lazy role.

You add the story and life of Shanesha Taylor to the mix, the homeless mother who left her young children in the car while she went to a job interview, you realize just how lazy some African Americans can be. Any homeless person who can get a job interview and even get the job should be applauded. The fact that Shanesha Taylor got an interview shows if you try something positive will happen down the road. Everyone doesn’t have the drive she has to do more than wait for a hangout and kick it all day. I’m upset about the comment but equally upset with the fact past the slave and cotton talk I agree that African Americans are content with failure and letting the government take care of them. We as a people can point fingers all day but if people aren’t trying to better themselves than they have no one to blame but themselves.


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