What A Great First Round

Yesterday The San Antonio Spurs blowing out the Dallas Mavericks was the last game in a great first round in this year’s NBA Playoffs. The way you had teams taking their season and some teams stumbling into the playoffs had me not want to even really deal with the playoffs at all.On the West as always it seem like competition was tight, so tight that had The Mavs and The Suns been in the Eastern Conference Charlotte and Atlanta would have been out and Brooklyn would have faced The Pacers in the first round. With that logic Chicago would have still been beat and maybe so to would have The Pacers. Forgetting all that what we had in the first round was great from start to finish. It was must see TV. The Heat sweeping The Bobcats wasn’t a shock, even when it seem like The Bobcats had a chance to steal a game they really didin’t. The Bull losing seem like a shock but it really was The Wizards out working The Bulls in every game. The Bulls should have been swept, from the emd of game one you knew that Chicago had no answers for Washington. I’ll admit I haven’t seen any Wizard games at all in years so seeing them run over The Bulls was a shock to me. Chicago was supposed to be a major threat to Miami and or Indiana on their championship run. Do I think Washington can upset Indiana, yeah I do, Indiana really isn’t living up to the hype right now. Broolyn got lucky to pass The Raptors. I personally am happy with that, because watching Miami sweep another team without that team putting up a fight isn’t what I’m looking forward to. I do know I’m assuming that Brooklyn will make grind it out with Miami even if they lose the series. Out West it truly was stiff competition. I really hated the fact things had to end and the order could have went anyway and things still would have went the same way with all the good games. I hated how game seven between The Mavs and Spurs went but it just added to the rivalry. Didn’t see any of those Houston games and weren’t trying to to be honest. OCK and Memphis, and Golden State and The Clippers were two of the best playoff series this year so far. The thought that The Thunder could be knocked out of the first round shows how good teams out West are.It feels bad seeing Golden State and Memphis go home because they both have just as good of chance at making the finals as The Spurs and Thunder do. Not sure if the great games being played will continue in the later rounds. It’s been years since I really didn’t know who would advance and that is appealing to me, the suspense of it all.

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